In 2002 Michael and his wife started an independent recording label named “Spirit Filled Records” as a result of his love for music and the vocal gifting that God gave to him. Michael debut as the premier artist.

“R&P stands for Rhythm & Praise. Michael doesn’t have any blues for you. This is a ballad artist who is talented in many other areas including the engineering and production of all SFR Artists. This writer/musician/singer combines a love for R&B with contemporary gospel to create R&P. He has a style that anyone can relate to, even you. All I have to say is expect the unexpected, and you’ll be pleased that you did.

Michael was brought up in the church and loved to go… you guessed it… to hear the choir sing. But it was not until his early adult life that Michael realized his true love for the gospel. As a young man Mike embraced many types of music but once he came to know the Lord for himself he made a life changing decision. Music had always played a pivotal roll in his journey’s and now it is his hearts desire to let the world know how good God is through Ministry.

But this is not the end of the story Michael Hart, now Pastor Hart still continues his ministry in music just in a different capacity. As the shepherd of Spirit Filled Family Church his music not only reaches souls around the world but he inspires others to grow in their spiritual giftings, whether singing or teaching… God has anointed him.

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